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Watering Your Succulents and Cacti

Like all plants, succulents and cacti require regular watering and can’t survive without them. Here are some good ground rules for watering. 

Always make sure the soil is very dry all the way through between watering. Since these are desert plants, they have the ability to survive drought. Depending on the size of your plant and how much direct sunlight it receives, generally a 1/4 to 1/2 cup every few weeks is going to be enough water. 

The key is to water just enough to have a drop or two run out of the drainage hole in the bottom. Simply have a rag ready after you water them and wipe any excess water away. 

If you can, use room-temperature water such as bottled water/rain water/melted snow. Another alternative is to let tap water sit on your counter for 5-7 days to evaporate the chlorine. 

A good rule of thumb: if you ever notice the bottom leaves shriveling a bit, the plant likely needs a drink. 

During winter months, you can cut back on the water, as cacti become dormant during this time with less sun and cooler night temperatures. Watering less than once per month is likely. The colder the environment the plants are in, the drier you should keep them.

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