White Senecio


The queen mother plant is delicate and soft to the touch. The white color is to protect the tender skin, otherwise she would burn in the desert sun. Is often described as woolly. Originates in South Africa.


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About the Pot and Soil

Includes 3.5″ terracotta clay pot and black quartz pebbles to provide proper drainage.

Watering Instructions

Only needs to be watered once a week (full sun) or up to once a month (full shade). To water your plant, take your pot to the the sink and run about ¼ cup of water over it. Some water will leak out the bottom, so wipe up any excess. Only use room-temperature water such as bottled water/rain water/melted snow. Another alternative is to let tap water sit on your counter for 5-7 days to evaporate the chlorine and salts.

*When you notice the bottom leaves shriveling a bit, the plant needs a drink.*


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