Succulent Minis (6-Pack)


Unique baby succulent varieties in 2.25″ plastic nursery pots. Ready to be taken home and planted alongside all of your favorites. Mix and match your choices upon pick up or have a variety pack delivered to your home.



About the Pot and Soil

Includes 2.25″ plastic nursery pot and sandy soil to provide proper drainage. Should be repotted in a clay or ceramic pot within a month of purchase.

Watering Instructions

Only needs to be watered once a week (full sun) or up to once a month (full shade). To water your plant, take your pot to the sink and run about 1/4 cup of water over it. Some water will leak out the bottom so wipe up any excess. Preferably use room-temperature water such as bottled water/rain water/melted snow. Another alternative is to let water sit on your counter for a few days to evaporate the chlorine.