Succulent Minis


Unique baby succulent varieties in 2.25″ plastic nursery pots. Ready to be taken home and planted alongside all of your favorites. Available for pick up only.

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About the Pot and Soil

Includes 2.25″ plastic nursery pot and sandy soil to provide proper drainage. Should be repotted in a clay or ceramic pot within a month of purchase.

Watering Instructions

Only needs to be watered once a week (full sun) or up to once a month (full shade). To water your plant, take your pot to the sink and run about 1/4 cup of water over it. Some water will leak out the bottom so wipe up any excess. Preferably use room-temperature water such as bottled water/rain water/melted snow. Another alternative is to let water sit on your counter for 5-7 days to evaporate the chlorine.