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Common Mistakes to Avoid

Having succulents and cacti is a rewarding experience. The top mistakes that first-time plant parents make are:


Your plant likely needs watering less than once per week, unless it’s in a large south-facing window. Only water when the soil is very dry. 

In winter, the plant will go dormant. The colder the environment the plants are in, the drier you should keep them (watering less than once per month).

Use the Right-Sized Container

There should be a ¼- to 1-inch space between the plant body and the pot rim. If the pot is too large, the soil will not dry out quickly enough for the plant.

Not Providing Proper Amount of Sunlight

Plants that are not getting enough sunlight become stretched toward the light source and develop large spacing between their leaves. Another sign could be it turns pale or grows abnormally. Consider rotating your plants to make sure they receive some light from different sides.

Too much light can be a problem too, and this is often accompanied by too much heat. In these cases, you’ll notice white or pale patches on the leaves.

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